Exploring Suicide Potential

This session considers how a pluralism can support exploration of suicidal thinking and ways of empowering the client towards self-care.

15 December 2020, 18.00 – 20.00 via Zoom: buy tickets via the Eventbrite logo below

The purpose of this session is to consider specific ways in which therapists might actively explore suicide potential with their clients. Drawing on risk and protective factors generally, but using therapeutic discourses within a pluralistic frame to inform an active engagement with risk. Specifically, the session will consider the following key areas:

  • Considering ways of asking the ‘suicide question’ such that both the therapist and client can use that information to inform keeping safe
  • A consideration of ‘keep safe’ plans (as opposed to ‘no-harm contracts’) and their relevance to working with risk pluralistically
  • How the development of a ‘keep safe’ plan with clients can be embedded into the therapeutic process
  • Reviewing risk with clients and affective communication with others, where necessary and appropriate.

This seminar will feature a live presentation by Dr Andrew Reeves, drawing on research and practice. All attendees will be given access to downloadable slides following the event.


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